Highways Infrastructure

Hampshire County Council is to build a new Bypass to relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality in Botley Village. The strategy for the delivery of the highway infrastructure works accommodates the Botley Bypass scheme and the access works required for the Woodhouse Lane site.

The route of the new Bypass spans the Uplands Development, and construction of the development will help support the delivery of the first phase of the Bypass. Both development sites have been designed to integrate and connect where appropriate with the consented Bypass scheme.

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The Bypass will be delivered by Hampshire County Council in three phases.

Phase 1: Uplands Development Infrastructure (UDI) - green

The first phase of the Botley Bypass works (shown in green on the plan) will be delivered in conjunction with the access works for the Woodhouse Lane site. In combination, these works are referred to as the Uplands Development Infrastructure (UDI) and will provide:

  • the internal access roads and utility connections required to enable Deer Park School to open and the sale of the first phases of residential development.
  • improvement works to the northern section of Woodhouse Lane, including two new points of access into the Woodhouse Lane site (one linking into the new bypass roundabout and one connecting onto Woodhouse Lane opposite Hillier Garden Centre), road widening and new footpath/cycleway.
  • an underpass to Woodhouse Lane for both pedestrians and cyclists, providing a safe crossing point for school pupils and the local community.
  • new footway/cycleway from Billington Gardens to Deer park School, providing direct access from the western edge of the site.
  • improvement works to the Winchester Road Railway Bridge to provide a new safer route for pedestrian, cyclists and vehicles. These works will provide an improved connection between the Woodhouse Lane site and the expanding village of Boorley Green, and will link up with improvement works already undertaken along Winchester Road as part of the Boorley Park Development.
  • a new link road connecting the new Woodhouse Lane roundabout junction with Winchester Street.  These works will connect with the eastern section of the Bypass to be delivered as part of the phase 3 works.

Phase 2: Woodhouse Lane South - blue

The second phase of the Botley Bypass works, known as Woodhouse Lane South (shown in blue on the plan), is planned to be delivered at the same time as the UDI works and will provide a continuation of the Phase 1 improvements along the southern section of Woodhouse Lane between Hillier Garden Centre and the Maypole roundabout.

Phase 3: Botley Bypass Eastern Section - orange

This final phase of works, known as Botley Bypass Eastern Section (shown in orange on the plan), will link to the Phase 1 works and provide the new eastern section of the Bypass route from Winchester Street to the existing A334, east of Botley village.  These works will include a new bridge over the River Hamble, a new roundabout junction with the A334 and a new access for Newhouse Farm.