Public rights of way 

Woodhouse Meadows 

A public bridleway (6c) crosses the centre of the site from east to west, connecting Woodhouse Lane to Billington Gardens. Whilst this will still connect to the same end points, this bridleway will be re-routed through the new open space corridor to provide a new and improved, safe and enjoyable connection through the site. The County Council Countryside Access Team will be responsible for the delivery of this new route as part of the wider development.

In addition to the new bridleway, a number of other new footways and cycleways will be created as part of the development, connecting the site with the existing network. This network of new, safe and enjoyable walking and cycling routes throughout the site will encourage sustainable travel and exercise, and allow pupils to walk or cycle to Deer Park School.

Indicative timeline

A temporary permissive bridleway will be provided while Woodhouse Meadows is under construction. The route will largely follow the existing line of the bridleway but will be diverted to accommodate construction work on site to help keep everyone safe. Once the development has sufficiently progressed, this temporary permissive route will be replaced by the new bridleway.

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Botley Fields

A Public Right of Way (route no.3) currently crosses the site from Winchester Street to the open countryside to the north. This route will be retained and improved as part of the development.

In response to community wishes, a new bridleway from Botley to Bishops Waltham is proposed. This new route is to be created by Hampshire Countryside Services. To support the delivery of this new route, a financial contribution will be made by the housing developer of this site. 


The County Council will be responsible for ensuring that new rights of way across both sites are suitable for the public to use. All new and improved Public Rights of Way will be designed and delivered in line with the County Council's design standards.

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